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Build Statistics
1972 Chevrolet Motor Division manufactured 70 LS5, 454 Convertibles with the RPO Z15 Super Sport Option. All were special customer factory orders. Of the 70 units built, 43 were automatics, and only 27 were 4 speed. Of the 27 4 speed cars only 15 had RPO ZL2 Cowl Induction. That makes this car 1 of 15. If you take into consideration the options unique to this car such as: The rare M22 Rock Crusher Tranny, Cowl Induction, Buckets, Console, and the extremely rare Build Combination of  White Interior, White Top and COPO Special Paint, would probably make this car 1 of 1. Car had been restored in 2000 and had Red Exterior, Black Interior and Black Top. Beginning late summer 02' car began a Professional body off frame restoration to restore car back to it's correct and proper condition. My Concours Restoration was completed spring of '07

Cowl Tag & VIN Decoded Information
Cowl Tag
Body By Fisher
ST 72 13667 B529279BDY
TR 743A51             -APNT
12A 0514
General Motors Corporation

13667=Malibu 2 Door Convertible
B529279=Baltimore Factory Sequence Number
743A51=White Bucket Seats

-=COPO Special Paint Car (1967 Danube Blue) 

A=White Convertible Top  

12A=Car Built First Week of December 1971
0514=Department Sequence Number, Correlates to build sheet

5=Begin Sequence Number
62XXX=Actual Production Sequence

The SuperSport Package was an option for Malibu in 1972. It was available with any V8 drive train combination, even the lowly 307. All 72' 454 cars also known as "W" cars have the SS package. Options included F41 Suspension, Front Disc Brakes, Full SS Badging and all other SS amenities.

72' was the first year to have Engine Designation within the VIN Number. Prior to 1972 people without a Build Sheet would have no way to prove they had a real 454 SS but the "W" within the VIN Number is indisputible. That's why there are very few 72' clones out there as opposed to prior years.1972 was the last year for the Chevelle Convertible.

Part Numbers and Date Codes
LS5 454 Monster Motor putting out 365 gross hp (270 net) Cast Number 3999289-Cast Date Nov/3/71.
Engine Pad Stamp:
T111171CRX then VIN Suffix
3999241 Cast Date:K371
Intake Manifold:
6263753 Cast Date:K1371
Rochester QuadraJet 7042215 Date Code L1
Water Pump:
6263707 Date Code J2971
Muncie M22 "Rock Crusher" close ratio 4 speed w/heavy duty aluminum case.
Transmission Decoded:
392566(1)=Casting# For 70'-74' Case
397876(4)=Casting# For 70'-74' Case Extension
P2S02C=P=Muncie, 2=72', S=November, 02=Second Day of Month, C=M22.
12 B562XXX=Matching Vin Number Suffix Stamped & Visible on Transmission
1108418 Date Code 1K13
1102440 Date Code 1K20
1112052 Single Point Dist. Date Code 1K14
Rear End:
12 Bolt Posi Rear
3969278NF=Casting# For 72'.
J201=Date Code Cast# on Axle Center Section, Oct. 20, 1971.
RV C 327 2E=Stamped on Passenger Front Axle Tube, RV=Posi w/ 3:31 Gears, C=Buffalo Plant, 327=The 327th Day of the Year, 2=Second Shift, E=Eaton Posi Traction Source.
This vehicle is also equipped with Boxed Rear Control Arms from the Factory which was usually reserved for higher horsepower applications.
Exhaust Manifolds:

3989043 & 3989343. 

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